anonymous communique:

"On Saturday Aug 23, activists entered a mink farm in Aldergrove BC CANADA and released approx 4000 mink. The farm is next to Aldergrove Lake Park which provides over 200 acres of water habitat for them to survive. Operation Biteback is in full force, let these arrows be our tears......

Here are the addresses to other mink farms in the area. The ones which have stars are confirmed to have animals on them at this time and are in full operation.

6811 Bradner Rd Abbotsford BC
28945 McTavish Abbotsford BC
* 28340 Townshipline Rd Abbotsford BC
* 4764 Lefeuvre Rd Abbotsford BC
* 711 256th Aldergrove BC
* 25498 Fraser Hwy Abbotsford BC

Shut them down."

Note: The targeted farm may be the Rippin Fur Farm, 27413 8 Ave, Aldergrove, British Columbia. Approximately 5000 mink were released from cages at the Rippin Fur Farm in November 1995.