reported anonymously:

"Bunkeflostrand/Malmö/Sweden 2009-08-12

This night animal rights activists struck a blow against the fur trade. The accountant of infamous fur shop Havgårds Päls was attacked. The present accountant, Karl-Magnus Haak is the fourth the company have hired since 2003. All the previous have dropped Havgårds Päls because of actions against them.
The shop owner Christer Reynold tried to keep Karl-Magnus Haak a secret but activists found him, and attacked.

The house was covered in slogans and suggestions he drop all work at Havgårds Päls.

Feel free to contact Cederblads Revisionsbyrå (the firm he works for):
Phone: 004640-100410 Fax: 004640-120178
e-mail: [email protected]

/Djurens Befrielsefront"