reported by activists in Georgia:

"9 August we visited the «shelter» for stray animals in Ozurgeti city (Guria region, West of Georgia). We smashed this dog slaughterhouse, which was positioned by the governmental organization as a shelter for captured animals.

Our action became an answer on the inaction of the authorities towards multiply documented practice of killing of absolutely healthy animals.

On a pro forma basis dogs we caught to be kept in the shelter. Only extremely agressive and desperately ill ones should be euthanised. However noone did any analysis of the dogs' health: all of them we murdered. This fact was multiply confirmed by witnesses and undeniable evidence (photos, videos). What was even more horrible that not only the dogs from Guria were taken to this slaughterhouse, but also the ones from the neighboring regions. Each dog was kept there around three days only. In other words, a person could loose a dog, let's say, in Imereti and never find out, that the dog was brutally killed and thrown to rot in a mass grave in Guria.

Despite the applications provided by the activists, local prosecutor's office refused to open criminal case on the grounds of paragraph 259 of Georgia criminal code ('Cruelty to animals'). Local authorities also didn’t anyhow react on the multiple demands of the citizens to create a normal shelter instead of the existing concentration camp.

The fact that animals were treated badly cannot be denied. Corpses of the dogs with the crushed skulls and intestines cut out were seen in the open burial ground. There are older and already dug-in mass graves. There is an unbearable stench surrounding the territory. Some of the activists were suffering dry heaves while being on the place.

We liberated 11 dogs, including 7 puppies, and then started destroying the slaughterhouse. One puppy died same day from enteritis — the desease that starts from the bad sanitary conditions, excessive overcrowding and poor nutrition. All other animals were transported to the new place of living into a nice private shelter. For now on there will be surrounded by love and care, not by fear and death.

We acted completely openly, medical face masks were put on only by those of us, who couldn’t endure the stench from the dog burial ground.

During the process of the destruction one strange person came to the slaughterhouse with a hybrid of axe and sickle. At first he said that he is just a local citizen, but a little bit later he admitted, that he works here as a security guard. He turned out to be a perfect guardian: looked at the mayhem, stood for a while and dissapeared.

Before going to the place of action we informed local journalists about our intentions. After finishing the havoc we called directly to the serial killer — the slaugtherhouse owner — to invite him to come, but he didn't answer the phone. Then we applied to the chairman of municipality council and he sent to us the director of the governmental organization, that signed a contract with the owner of the slaughterhouse for the catching of animals.

Director didn't answer any question concerning legitimacy, 'modernity' and ethical feasibility of this enterprise. Instead of answering he shunted the conversation on the topic of inadmissibility of the direct action from our part, he refused to look into the mass grave. Meanwhile he didn’t even try to deny the fact that he is well informed about the practice of total killing of the dogs and that he realizes the illegality of these deeds.

By this action we not only express our readiness to put an end to the arbitrary rule and animal cruelty specifically in Ozurgeti, but also declare the beginning of the new stage in the development of animal liberation movement — zero tolerance to everything that animal killers do! First it was ALF, then it came open rescue, now it’s time for the open mayhem!

If human beings were kept in similar conditions and were subjected to this kind of treatment, noone would stand with a posters of protest in front of the municipality and write petitions. Normal reaction on the cruelty and murders is an expression of intolerance and open direct action, without embarrasment and fear, without illusions and hard thinking of the possible consequences. We should not be shy and restrained: animals wait for us to be wild and angry towards their opressors.

Undoubtedly we didn’t face criminal prosecution because total annihilation of dogs is illegal. However we need to emphasize the fact that this enterprise functioned under the guidance and finance of the local authorities, which are untouchable even for the prosecutor’s office and even despite this bureaucrats didn’t dare to call the police.

This precedent enlivens and gives us confidence. No step backwards! Animals will be free!"