reported by activists in Italy:

"August 1st - Lomazzo (Como) - Italy

Newspaper articles report a raid on a rabbit farm called 'La Costa Butti Cantore Torri', breeding 12.000 animals for meat consumption. According to the article about 3.000 rabbits have been freed in the surrounding countryside after a group of animal rights activists gained access sawing the iron bars on the windows and smashing a lock on the inside door that opens on the woods.
The farmer says about 2.000 fattening rabbits have been freed along with 100 pregnant females and 1.000 youngsters, saying it was really professional work. The activists then smashed all the cages, causing the farm significant damage and creating a serious problem, because they do not know anymore where to put all the recaptured rabbits!
It seems a lot of them are still missing, and the overall damage is about 25.000 euros.
Spraypainted messages and threats have been found on place too."