press release from the animal rights group, Maqi (click here for photos):

"July 10, 2007

The 'good exploitation' myth

On the night from Saturday to Sunday activists of the initative Maqi - For Animal Rights, Against Speciesism saved the lives of three chickens who were exploited for egg production. The animals were rescued from a so-called free-range husbandry.

"Often free-range husbandry is thought to be something good", regrets Jonas Fischer of Maqi, "because the 'laying hens' are granted more room according to the law than in other forms of exploitation for egg production - even more than for 'organic eggs' which hardly anyone knows. But 'free-range husbandry' means suffering and death like all others. The rescued hens are still young, some half a year old, hence in rather good health. They started laying eggs only recently. Once every day, unlike normal not torture-bred chicks two dozends a year. Within a few months, when their 'productivity' lessens due to age, they would have been killed, just like those who could not be liberated, and as all their male siblings immediately after hatching. No matter how their prisons are built they suffer from imprisonment and torture breeding." Vegetarian propaganda which only opposes direct corpse consumption but not murder for eggs and milk is cynical. Same holds for animal welfarist propaganda which bargains over marginal differences between "battery cages" and the new "small aviaries" and hence endorses at least implicitely, usually even explicitely, "barn systems" as well as "organic" or "free-rang husbandry" instead of demanding animal rights and thus the only ethically acceptable way of life: veganism."

Click here for a more detailed press release, in German.