Received anonymously by aboveground activists in Spain:

"Another action has been made by the FLA. Five minks were liberated in a farm that two years ago was raided; that time 13,000 minks were released. We also painted: ASESINOS and FLA in the wall of the farm. We wanted the farmers to know that the FLA hasn´t forgetten them, and we won´t until they close the farm.

This action is dedicated to Amanda, a animal rights and anarchist activist who is now in Jail without access to vegan food. One of the actions that she confessed that she committed was destroying a machine used in destroying the environment. Please, try to do as much as you can so Amanda can eat vegan food (you can establish contact with Anarchist Black Cross-Madrid).

This kind of actions will continue 'till every animal jail is closed."

View the pictures from the raid here.