Translation of communique received by Swedish ALF SG:

"7 fur shops sabotaged

On the night to August 4, activists from Dyrenes FrigjøringsFront, DFF (Norweigan ALF) carried out a co- ordinated attack on 7 fur shops in Oslo, Norway. Windows were samshed, slogans sprayed about their bloody buisness and butyric acid (very smelly) put into the shops.

Fur shops are an important, and easy to hurt, part of the Norweigan and international fur industry. DFF can not
sit and look when the shops are selling products based on 100% suffering for the animals. To not act against fur shops would be a direct betrayal for the animals. The action tonight shows that all parts of the fur trade will be met with resistance and that DFF are serious.

The last year we have seen an increase of DFF-groups and raids in Norway. With this action we want to encourage and inspire others to organise themselves and make the struggle against the fur trade harder.

More info can be found here. "