anonymous communique:

"Recently, Eliot Spindel, vivisector at the Oregon National Primate Research Center earned a visit from the vegan vigilantes called the ALF. His mansion at 5899 Sunbrook Drive in Lake Oswego, Oregon was given a makeover.

Eliot was awarded this privilege because his crimes against nature are particularly vile. Eliot's research involves addicting pregnant monkeys to Nicotine and killing their newborn babies at regular intervals to test what has been known for decades, that smoking causes birth defects. It's time for Eliot's blatant abuse of primates to end.

Our message to Eliot is simple: Quit the torture industry and issue an apology or we swear we will make an example out of you. Tonight you got your home and car fucked up with chemicals and spray paint, but what's going to be next, Elliot, spray paint, broken windows or fire bombs?

Look out behind you, Eliot. We have thousands of supporters and more every day. Whatever they pay you in one year, we promise we can match in damage in one night.

We are everywhere, love and inspiration: