This is a translated claim from an earlier action received anonomously by the Finnish ALF SG

"February 27, 2003. Kalajoki Jäähdyttämö (fur feed supplier).

We placed a generous amount of petrol in three different locations around the building which ignited causing over one million euros worth of damage to the building. This feed supplier produced feed for over 65 farms in the area.

It should be of no surprise to anyone why this buisness was targetted. Aside from the physical and psychological suffering at fur farms, the farmers seek to domesticate these animals for the
purpose of maximizing profits and productability. Wild animals are turned into commodities which only the wealthy elite can afford.

For the fur industry, from the farmers to the fur shops, this is buisness as usual. They have no respect for the animals lives, nevermind their inherent right to live wild animals do. This horrifies and angers us.

Fur farmers claim to care about the animals they 'produce', but the majority of farms fail to follow even the most lax welfare regulations. The botulism poisoning which killed over 60,000 foxes last autumn is a good example of their complete ignorance towards animals wellbeing. Instead of ending their suffering immediately, they left them to suffer for days.

For these reasons and more we decided to act directly ourselves
instead of waiting passively for our government to do something about this (because it is not in the nature of ANY government to value life over their profit).

Direct action is the only way to affect the fur industry.

As the fur farmers should be well aware, we do not sleep and we will never quit!"