View video from the action:

reported by activists in Russia:

"On 22 of April around 3pm animal defenders celebrated the beginning of the Week of Actions Against Vivisection. In Moscow area settlement Andreevka, Zelenograd, a vivisection farm is situated. 2 years ago it was visited by ALF activists. In night darkness they got into the farm and left it with hundreds of rats and thousands of mice. Since then the farm has practically stopped working but not completely. In some buildings mice and rats are still kept in order to be killed during animal experiments.

This time the farm has drawn attention of animal defenders operating openly. They came in the middle of the day and marched through the farm property with banners against animal experiments. Some buildings were painted with anti-vivisection messages. Before activists left the farm, windows were broken, etc.

Animal rights activists consider that in such an obvious way they can explain to vivisectors that earning money by cruelty and animal suffering will not stay unpunished. Farm security had an opportunity to step in, but instead they chose to witness the action from nearby. Such places are created for breeding animals in order to kill them in cruel experiments. Animal testing is unnecessary and it doesn't bring any benefit to people."