Summary of German newspaper article:

"24 dogs liberated out of Harlan breeder?

The newspaper Westfaelisches Volksblatt/Westfalen-Blatt reported on 2 April that 24 dogs got lost at a "lab animal" breeder in Alfen/Borchen in Germany (near Paderborn). It is known that the Harlan-Winkelmann GmbH, a company that belongs to the international company Harlan and is a dog supplier of HLS, has its breeding facilities there. But it is still unknown whether is was an action of animal liberationists or a "normal" burglary, says the newspaper .

Police reports that the culprits had to climb over a 2 meter high wall and cut a fence before they got to the dogs in the run.

800 animals are captured in the breeding facilities at the moment. 24 dogs, 6 Beagles and 18 half-breeds at the age of around half a year old have been "stolen", so the newspaper, supposedly in the night of 30-31 March. The Beagles would have a "value" of 1000 Euro each, the half-breeds 500-1000 Euro.

The international company has also breeding facilities for mice, rats and guineapigs at this site. "