anonymous communique:

"Again, a vacant home owned by vivisector Audie Leventhal,
located at 2088 W. 14200 South, Riverton, UT, was simply a
recipe for easy direct action. Here are the highlights:

- Every single lock on the house glued
- Front window smashed out
- Slogans spray painted all over his deluxe jacuzzi
- A salt-saturated solution was poured all over his front lawn.
This will kill the lawn and force Audie to lay down fresh
soil. Not cheap.

Total damages are estimated to be in the thousands of dollars.

Audie is a ruthlessly violent alcoholic. This is a man who
has sewn kittens' eyelids shut. This is a man who has
experimented on conscious primates. This is a man who has
beaten his wife within inches of her life. Only a society
so corrupted by money and so unbelievably tolerant to the
suffering of others would allow a man like this to still
be free on the streets. The ALF does not share this corruption
or tolerance. Audie can rest assured that we will be back.

Happy world week."