Received anonymously be activists in the UK:

"Welcome to hell.

Through the night of Good Friday 16 Animal Liberation Front volunteers executed a highly organised plan and raided a factory farm operated by John Parkers Farms Ltd (Wallops Wood Farm, Droxford, Southampton, SO32 3QY) and liberating over 1,000 battery hens using two large horse boxes, vehicles which were donated to us by an ex-animal farmer who is wracked with guilt for the way he has behaved towards other animals for much of his life.

During the raid we also caused extensive damage to much of the caging system by cutting up many of the cages and their doors. We smashed thousands of eggs, trashed conveyor belts, feeding apparatus and electrical equipment and left our feelings in paint all around the place. We wrecked food stores, staff toilets, canteen, we trased rearing sheds and a delivery truck and took from the office all the information we need to further our campaign.

We were undisturbed throughout and had an awkwardly pleasurable time amidst the tangible torment surrounding us

Following a tip off we first took a look at this breathtaking example of how to do a bad thing badly, at Upper Grenville Copse Wood near Droxford on the B2150 in Hampshire, some weeks ago and found ourselves in what can only be described as hell for the tens of thousands of young birds held captive there. A huge egg production factory imprisoning many, many thousands of hens in three vast factory units, hidden from view in remote woodland and lost in time. This is the real face of British animal farming, promoted as `food you can trust' and `fresh farm eggs' but in reality produced in secret in filthy conditions and cruel beyond description.

Every day during this period of surveillance reinforced what is at first glance inside the doors of any of these windowless buildings blindingly obvious. There are no adequate checks and balances, no rules, regulations or criteria to keep animal farms such as this in line with what decent, compassionate civilized human beings could call acceptable practice. This place has NEVER have been inspected by those who defend such cruelty.

Every day we have had to break the law and risk imprisonment and our health to prevent the most unbelievable suffering from being deliberately inflicted on fragile creatures whose enforced contribution to the greed of human beings isn't even rewarded with basic levels of compassion and care. No government body or industry apologist will dare defend this vile practice. It will probably be excused as exceptional but we have a catalogue of similar examples of deliberate cruelty and neglect, some connected to the same farmer, which neither the RSPCA, the NFU or DEFRA - all profiteers from animal farming - is interested in.

Here is the turning point. We have done their work for them once again. This time we have acted before the official `tidy up' or security lock down can begin and have made things right the only way that is acceptable, by removing victims of this barbaric business to safety. If our efforts prove fruitless for the many thousands of birds that remain and others replace them in the cages our response will be more extreme than the situation itself, and final.

We have walked away from this farm over recent weeks with dozens of hens who have already spent their brief, young, fertile lives crammed into tiny wire cages before escaping the violent efforts of farm workers to load them for the final solution to their failing productivity that long awful journey to the slaughterhouse.

The `lucky' birds that have avoided the cage round up have ended up in the deep shit pit below the five tied cages of this great British farm and have had to survive amongst years of festering waste, rotten eggs, dead and dying birds and hundreds and hundreds of rats. Where they fight to survive until they themselves slowly rot away from lack of water or food, and the rats move in. So encased in weeks of accumulated waste, it has taken carers hours of gentle persuasion with hammers, drills and saws to remove the leg irons from these little birds and free them to walk again.

None of these birds are ever recovered by the owners of this farm, as was obvious from our observations and the countless corpses in various stages of decomposition that fill this pit. Even in the cramped cages birds are tormented further by rats and mice seeking food, down below there is no water and survivors must compete with these opportunistic rodents for what food can be found in and amongst the fallen waste.

As can be seen from video footage, birds that become immobilised with the waste that sticks to their legs aren't then even able to forage for scraps of food. These slowly sink into the sodden waste and die horribly where they lay, only able to resist hungry rats and other hens as long as they are able to stay alive. The most terrible choice imaginable.

Having rescued the weakest and most badly injured birds and accumulated all the evidence we need to prove the cruelty, but still painfully aware the authorities would wash over the horrors here as has happened all too often in the profitable world of animal abuse, we set in motion the second phase of our intention to close in the violent world of the bullies and butchers running Britain's animal farms and those aligned with them in search of profits from animals and their body parts.

We will force the end of this great British farm if the authorities fail to do so. And it won't be pretty.

Animal Liberation Front."