"Official Statement from SHAC USA.

We all knew it would happen some day :-) The SHAC USA office was raided by the FBI this week. In the midst of moving to our new office location, about 20 FBI agents and a search warrant came in and carted off a few computers and other items. But rest assured, we are now settled into our new office location and up and running!! Even with their most dramatic efforts, the Feds are still always one step behind.

Well, we wish them fun times in combing through our stuff. In the meantime, it's business as usual and there's a campaign to be won - and we are more eager than ever to win it! As of Monday we will have a new office number and can be reached at: 609.936.8422.

Let this latest turn of events be a jolt of caffine for the campaign and the animal rights movement. This raid is the clearest sign yet that the HLS campaign is being effective - even moreso than we may have thought. Rather than being derailed, we are driven by even more injustice against which to fight. Not only are the animals at HLS under attack, but our own activists. It's time to pull together even more than before, resist this criminalization of dissent, and finish the hellhole that is HLS off for good! Today activists will remember the animals imprisoned in laboratories with protests at HLS and director's homes as part of World Week for Animals In Laboratories.

If you'd like to help SHAC USA out, we welcome donations to replace some lost office equipment, and to cover legal fees. Checks and money orders can be made out to SHAC USA and mailed to P.O. Box 22398, Philadelphia, PA, 19110. Also, please forward us the names of any sympathetic lawyers; help us complete a kick ass legal team to squash this bug of an investigation.

Keep active, keep angry, and keep your heads up. Remember, if you are visited by the FBI, or any other authority, YOU DO NOT NEED TO TALK TO THEM. Tell them firmly that you have nothing to say and to go away. Say it over and over again as many times as necessary until they do. You do not even need to open the door unless they have a search warrant. If you are visited, please contact SHAC USA at 609.936.8422 or 888.354.2435 for support. And remember, whether they have a warrant or not - NO MATTER WHAT - YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAY *ANYTHING* TO THEM.

Now more than ever, SMASH HLS.

For the animals,