anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal:

"Three butcher shops, one kebab restaurant , the train station hall and a fur shop were targeted between Friday and Sunday last week in Geneva.

After the famous Molard butcher shop and its 15'000 francs damage, it is the turn of two others to find their windows smashed at dawn. One considers closing down his business, as told by the press.

Antispeciesist stickers, fake blood, and stones were used for these direct actions. The owners of butcher shops are getting highly worried about who will be next as the activists are described as acting 'Rapidly and in a very organized way'.

3 important articles were already published about this, presenting also the motivations of the activists (alongside of course the outrage of the butcher shops and police, and a debate about violence) and explaining where the real violence is: inside slaughterhouses, where 65 millions animals are killed each year in Switzerland.

'We think that legal demonstrations are not sufficient anymore to fight against animal exploitation and create public debate about it. Direct action is a necessity in antispeciesim. We didn't target individuals but only materials and places that represent violence against our brothers and sisters. We shall continue causing economical damage until they have no other choice than to close down their shops'"