Received anonymously by SHAC in the UK:

"21st April

Two of us went out to CPS fuels and Sprayed ANIMAL KILLERS on the wall and painted CPS FUELS-SCUM on their nice new paneled fence. When are you going to learn Mr Pipe. We won't give up until you pull out of HLS, and you can expect more.

20th April

Two of us were on the way to liberate some chickens from a local battery
unit, When I spotted one of Roy Humphrey’s recovery trucks who sends taxis into HLS. Who could miss the opportunity to spray it so we did, we sprayed ALF all over the side and windscreen. Let that be a warming Roy!

14th april

Two of us got in a car and headed to a new address of an HLS worker in Diss. We left loads of leaflets and a personnel alarm in the gutter. This was to let her know we are on her case. We will be back. Then onto our next target CPS fuels, where we super glued locks, left leaflets and sprayed puppy killers, scum and ALF."