received anonymously:

"The Animal Liberation Front has kept it's promise by continuing its campaign against Wachovia Securities for that company's continued financial relationship with HLS customer GlaxcoSmithKline. On the night of April 10th the ALF visited 3425 North East 19th Ave., Portland, Oregon, the home of Kevin Singer, vice president of Wealth Management of Wachovia Securities. Your shiny new SUV isn't too shiny any more after we left it spray-painted with slogans and paint-stripped.

The masked night watchers would like him and everyone else responsible for atrocities, whether it's vivisection, clearcutting or keeping the capitalist afloat to know you will be targeted and we always win. As for you, Wachovia, all bets are off . Sell your shares in GSK because things are going to get much worse. We have the names and addresses of the top executives, and believe us our actions are like childs play compared to what we have in store.

We will not stand by as beagles are punched in the face and primates are torn to pieces for fraudulent science You have nothing to gain by investing in this deplorabe industry; divest now or else.

Viva ALF"