Received anonymously by activists in the USA:

"Welcome to worldweek.

The ALF broke into Forest Laboratories to steal data, documents, schematics and prints to a newly constructed, non-operational Forest facility which is connected to the 500 Commack Road Forest complex in Long Island, New York.

The ALF managed to evade security patrols while removing a window from its frame and gaining access to on-site offices. Over 200 pages of blueprints detailing everything from electrical systems to plumbing and foundation plans were stolen along with cell phones belonging to the contracting companies.While making their escape, the ALF left a few messes for Forest to clean up in the morning.

The attached photos are a small sample of the information that will soon be widely distributed throughout the international animal rights community. Forest can be certain that animal rights groups everywhere will soon know how to hit them at their most vulnerable points."