Received anonymously by groups in the US:

"Los Angeles, California

In the early morning hours of Sunday, March 30th, CBC America's California Branch Office (20521 Earl Street, Torrance, CA, 90503) was smashed up. CBC's business contracts and marketing for Huntingdon Life Sciences in the Asian market will make them feel the wrath of the ALF ninjas.

At CBC we smashed out one large front window and their glass front door after leaving the building with spraypainted messages like "500 Animals Daily", "SCUM", and "CBC + HLS = ALF". We redesigned their parking placards to read "Parking for SCUM only" and filled their security keypad and card reader with green paint. The menacing new "warning- video surveillance" decals and blaring alarms were no match for our vegan ninja stealth. And not even a worthless security guard will deter us in the future because we are ninjas.

Hiiiee- Yaaa.