From Räddningsjänsten:

102 hens rescued by Räddningstjänsten #13

On Monday, April 14th 2003, 102 hens in total were rescued from henneries in Gråbo (outside Gothenburg - which was visited twice on the same morning), Linköping and Örnsköldsvik. All the hens lived inprisoned in cages.


The saved hens have now begun new lives in safety, together with humans who will protect them and give them love. They will be able to live real hen lives. For example they will be able to take a bath in the sand, stretch their wings, scratch the earth and see the light of the sun. The rescue action was carried out by Majja Carlsson and Liv Linder.


Ten hens were rescued from the hennery in Hundsjö, Gideå, outside Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden. They now are in their new home in the countryside, where they - as soon as they have got some self-confidence - will be able to walk around freely and peck the earth. Ten hens have got a new life. Thousands - millions - still sit in their prisons. Noone can still think that their is no alternative. The action was carried out by Åsa Augustsson and Simon Westerberg.


- Millions of hens still sit in cages. We encourage all consumers not to buy eggs this Eastern, Tomas Nilsson says, 29-year old biologist who took part in the action. The group also consisted of Gabriel Collin and Hanna Ekegren.


The four activists in "Action Group Pippi" visited Täljestad Hennery, took out 60 hens from the cages, left a letter to the farmer and took them to their new home. There, they will be cared for in a way that gives them the opportunity to do those things that hens like to do.

The name "Action Group Pippi" comes from the fictive girl Pippi Långstrump, invented by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Pippi symbolizes in many ways things that the group puts a value in: full of belief in a better world, strength, struggle, creative naiveness, goodness, rowdyism and sincerity. They also want to honour Astrid Lindgren for her work for the hens and for her authorship.

The action was carried out by Alvin Lindstam, Björn Schmid, Anders Agebjörn and Sarah Emery.

Images from all the four parts of the action can be viewed at:"