Received anonymously by aboveground US activists:

"Throughout 2002, we, The Frogs, attempted to widely circulate news of our successful actions through underground media. We sent reports to different groups we thought would be supportive of our cause, rather than just send them to the Animal Liberation Front Press Office. Ironically, this resulted in only 3 of our numerous actions being made public. We do not keep written documentation of our actions, so we don't have all the details of our 2002 actions readily available. All actions took place in South Texas. Damages include:

Winter/Spring -- Trot lines and fishing lines tied to trees destroyed, 1 catfish liberated -- Lock at pet store destroyed -- Possibly tens of thousands of dollars (or more) damage to sensitive geological survey equipment owned by a fossil fuel company (6 important looking metal boxes with antennas, 3 solar powered batteries, and yards and yards of cables and geophones thrown into canals and irrigation ditches)

Summer -- Starbucks bathroom sloganized.

Fall -- Popular fishing and dove hunting sites in the countryside littered with "NO FISHING" "NO HUNTING" and similar signs pinned to telephone poles and fence posts -- "Thanksgiving is Murder on Turkeys" scrawled on bathroom wall of grocery store just before Thanksgiving -- Nails scattered on ATV trail -- 4 Fisher family clothing stores and 1 store selling fur, sent letters telling them that their merchandise had been contaminated with lice.

All Year -- Minor damage and anti-meat slogans in the bathrooms of several fast food restaurants -- Urban sprawl attacked on many occasions with survey stakes removed, landscaping trashed (plants crushed, water hoses slashed), computerized entry to subdivision destroyed with a can of cola, debris dragged onto roads to construction sites, over a dozen construction vehicles and pieces of equipment monkeywrenched (most with standard sand in oil and/or fuel tanks), tools stolen and later destroyed, a few trees spiked, 8 window panes destroyed, locks to new houses glued, sewage pipes filled with debris, portable toilets knocked over (hell of a mess), and bags of cement slashed right before rain.

There was no decrease in actions from 2001-2002!"