Reports received anonymously by Action For Animals Magazine:

"Feb 1st 2003
ALF activists break into 'Paradise Pigs' factory farm near Pyramid Hill, Victoria, Australia, and remove 70 sow stall gates and the gate pins from the hinges, rendering the crates unusable and costing the farmer $4000.

March 2003: Euroa, Victoria
Rodeo advertising banner removed and rodeo billboard painted with "Animal Abuse".

March 2003: Lang Lang, Victoria.
Two large rodeo advertising hoardings dismantled and removed. One other hoarding on private property had its message altered and amended.

March 2003: Mebourne, Victoria
Three ford car dealerships had cars sprayed with a corrosive fluid, as Ford were sponsoring a bull ride and rodeo event. Notes were left by ALF to explain to Ford why animal abuse promoters were targeted.

March 23rd, 2003: Yarra Glen, Victoria:
Classic Steeple jumps race. A horse caled "Condition Rad" was killed during the race, another horse was badly hurt. The race caller described the falls as "spectacular". So, the ALF torched one of the hurdles on the race track that evening and painted "Condition Red, RIP" on the track. ALF activists described the flames as "spectacular"!

March 2003: Melbourne
Jenny Hoo boutique fashion shop targeted twice in a month by ALF activists. "Fur is murder" slogans painted. superglue in the locks and red paint splattered across the front of the shop. ALF activists involved in the second raid reported that paint stains on the carpet were still visible from the first hit."