received anonymously:

"Last night a team of ALF volunteers offered their free vehicle servicing to a farm situated in a small Dorset village.

A large, and fairly new animal transporter used for taking animals to their deaths was given a complete makeover. All tyres slashed, sand poured into the gas tank, locks glued, windscreen wipers glued to windscreen, door mirrors covered in black spraypaint, windscreen covered in the word 'SCUM' and the rest of the lorry left with messages such as 'KILLERS', 'ALF WATCHING YOU', etc.

What a treat when we also found several other vehicles on site: we didn't want them to feel left out, so we got straight to work!

Another large animal transporter, which was just a trailer, had its tyres slashed and had a wonderful new paint job. We hope the farmers like it. A third small 'livestock' trailer was also dealt with in the same way: now everyone can what SICKOS you really are while you take sentient animals to be butchered.

Just in case they hadn't got the message already, we slashed the tyres on their sad little caravan, sprayed over the windows and left them the message 'CRUEL BASTARD' for the owners to wake up to.

Finally, since we're very generous with our free servicing, we gave a farm trailer used to transport hay bales a good looking over and a new set of tyres.

This action is dedicated to Don Curry, prisoner of conscience.