reported by the Shut 'Em Down campaign:

"KFC on La Rambla (main tourist street in Barcelona) was closed on the night of April 5:

'In our work we used an extrastrong bicycle lock, liberated from the construction hypermarket the same day. It securely united the automatic shutter with the doors' handles'.

It was probably the first action of the SED campaign outside the ex-USSR area. Previously the announced nights of actions engaged only Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia.

During the first united 'Night of the Closed Doors', as the campaign is known among the Russian speaking audience, activists shut down more than 50 spots in 5 countries.

The tools usually include chains, bicycle locks and glue, but in many cases activists use their imagination like the crew that stuck toothpicks in all the door locks of the Omsk Circus building, preventing the staff from entering without breaking-in. Some of the attacks have already brought inspiring results: like the meat shop in Novosibirsk that didn't open for three days due to the unexpected shut-down.

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