anonymous report:

"In the early morning of the 9th of april, about 25 windows at the
WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY vivisector office building have been smashed.

The ALF here by claims these actions.

Info About The Wageningen University Actions:

After 3 small warnings by the ALF in the past months to raise the issue
and show we are who we say we are, the University of Wageningen
first tried to keep the actions a secret.
But when an independant journalist began writing about the actions
the university went to the media. The NOS Journaal, Netherlands
biggest news show, and a few national papers reported about the
actions. Censoring and twisting statements they tried to make
everything look like terrorism again. They even lied about the fact
that people were personaly threatened.
This all fitted right in the new media sensation of the Netherlands,
Eco-Terrorism. Just as in the US and the UK now the Netherlands
shows what a police-state she really is.

Some lies that were stated in the Nos-Journaal and Één Vandaag Show:

-The Netherlands would be the new base for International Eco-Terrorism
(Stated by a man who falsely stated to work for the British police and
actually worked for the pharmaceutical-industry.)

-Legal animal rights groups who peacefully protest should no longer be
allowed to do so, and should also not be able to receive money from the
public. This is because these would be the same people as the ones who
go out at night for direct action.

-Animal testing would only be done when absolutely necessary.
(At the WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY they cut open live pigs without
any pain-killers. Then they feed it a dessert-pudding and watch
how it makes its way through the stomach. Then they Murder the animals.)

These are just some of the lies they tell the public. So here a statement
from our personal cell:

-No animal, human or non-human, will ever be hurt by us.

-Anyone at the Wageningen University besides Vivisectors will NEVER be
attacked personally or have their personal belongings vandalised.

-NO ONE who took part in the actions in the past months has EVER
demonstrated or socialized with legal animal rights groups.

Animal Liberation Front."