anonymous report:

"In the morning of April the 6th the A.R.O.M.A (Animal Rights One Man Army) went out again. This time paying a third visit to the Mc-Donalds in Deventer (Netherlands).

Last time I smashed their Mc-Drive windows but later learned they had another one of these booths. This time i also smashed the second one by breaking seven windows. Also a glass door of the eating-zone was smashed.

Cause lets be honest people; The biggest disgrace in the world is that Mc-Donalds is allowed to put the word 'restaurant' above their entrance!

PS: On the other side of the city I smashed the windows and hood of an SUV-Like vehicle. This was at a car dealership since the A.R.O.M.A does not believe in damaging personal belongings. Any property of the State or Companies may be completely destroyed.