anonymous communique:

"NIGHT: Monday 30 - Tuesday 31 March
TARGET: 6 Bayer and Novartis criminals
AIM: Hitting them where it hurts and making their lives miserable. Dropping HLS.
MISSION MESSAGE: There is just one message for Bayer and Novartis. Drop Huntingdon Life Sciences or things will only get worse. You make the animals suffer, we will make you suffer. And Bayer we will never forget you have been supplying gas to the nazi's for killing jews. You are a company without any remorse.


HLS Customer: Novartis
Position: Vice Chairman and lead director (involved in Novartis Germany and international HQ in Switzerland)
Name: Prof. Ulrich Lehner
Address: Bergische Landstrasse 283 Duesseldorf
Phone number: 0211-719898
Details: We climbed over his gate. Smashed his doorhandle. Went up to his house and covered the front in spraypaint. We ran to car park. Poured paintstripper over his Porsche and other sports car. Slashed all tires of all cars.

HLS Customer: Bayer
Position: Member of Supervisory Board and Member of Human Resources Committee
Name: Karl Josef Ellrich
Address: Sonnenstrasse 12 Dormagen
Phone number: 021-3370738
Details: House got covered in spraypaint. Car got paintstripped and all tires slashed.

HLS Customer: Bayer
Position: Global head Of supply Chain Management Pharmaceutical operations
Name: Dr. Hans-Walter Höhl
Wife: Dorothea
Address: Ahornweg 9a Burscheid
Phone number: 021-7463047
Details: House got covered in spraypaint. Car got paintstripped and all tires slashed.

HLS Customer: Bayer
Position: Honory chairman
Name: Hermann Joseff Strenger
Address: Domblick 3 Leverkussen
Phone number: 021-7133612
Details: House got covered in spraypaint. Huge slogan was left on his dark garagedoor with white spraypaint, visible from whole street.
Special: You and your family are the worst scum of all. Your dad worked for Bayer during the second world war and that was when Bayer supplied gas to the nazi's for gassing the jews. You followed your dad and just couldn't resist taking more lives of innocent animals. You are part of criminal bloodthirsty family. We will not hold back.

HLS Customer: Bayer
Position: Director Material Science
Name: Dennis McCullough
Address: Weg nach den Hingbenden 3 Duesseldorf
Phone number: 0211-2007813
Details: While lights in the house were on and a dog was barking we covered his house in spraypaint. Two cars got paintstripped and tires got slashed.

HLS Customer: Bayer
Position: Director, Minister of foreign affairs
Name: Dr. Franz-Josef Berners
Wife: Doris
Daughter: Hildegard
Address: Am Kronefeld 6 Leverkusen
Details: House got covered in spraypaint. On big white wall we left message 'Bayer - ANIMAL AUSCHWITZ. DROP HLS'
Special: How was you retiring day Dr. Franz? When you woke up on Tuesday morning March 31 that this will be your last day at Bayer and live your life without your past. But none of this is true. We will keep hunting down the scum who killed animals, not forgetting about gassing the jews by Bayer. We will never let the scum like you life in peace. Your past will always follow you. BTW sorry we missed your birthday on March 27th.


Militant Forces against HLS
Tier Befreiungs Front/Animal Liberation Front"