received anonymously:

"A long time ago PwnedSecurity Team Canada gained access to a propaganda
website in the uk run by Understanding Animal Research (UAR). Instead of
a typical defacement of the website which would be quickly noticed and
undone we decided to be more subtle.

There is a section of the website with a number of pdf files for
visitors to download. We replaced all of this big pharma funded
propaganda with pdfs from the Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine (PCRM) explaining the scientific flaws with animal testing.
These have now been on the website for quite some time.

Until UAR fix the several security holes we found in their website you
can see the replacement pdfs by visiting and clicking
any of the links.

We did a few other even less obvious things to the site besides
replacing the pdfs but it will be amusing to let UAR try to find
everything for themselves without being told what to look for.

The login details to the sites mysql database are included here.

database: animalextremism
username: animalextremism
password: f1ght4rights

Thanks to codegent of london england for their fantastic work coding
insecure web sites for the vivisection lobbyists."