recent actions reported on Italian websites:

"February 27th - Imperia (Italy)
Anonymous activists claim dubbing with paint and spraypainting lots of slogans on the house of Maurizio Rainisio, "an influential person inside Actelion Pharmaceutical Italia", as they say.
On the same night a company called "GM Service", working for Actelion's database, had many spraypainted slogans on their office.
Actelion is an important customer for Huntingdon Life Sciences and the communique claims activists will work to "remind Rainisio's conscience what is the best choice to do, stop giving contracts to HLS".

March 5th - Milano (Italy)
The office of Cassinis, a person that has interests in Actelion
Pharmaceuticals Italia and is giving this company a bureaucratical address, gets a stinking message: various litres of shit and water left on the door and a spraypainted message reading "Actelion dump HLS!"

March 21 - Milano (Italy)
The following fur shops had locks glued and slogans spraypainted on them:

Mec e Gregory's
Pellicceria Barbara
Pellicceria Cherichetti
Pietro Marchetti
F.L. Conti
Pellicceria R.V. Furs
Pellicceria Collini