reported to Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office:


"Most of Cirkus Wictoria's advertisements for their show in sörbyängen were wiped out!! They suck. It's so easy to fix circus placards. Just grab hard and pull them in half!!
Try, it's worth it, say the animals."

"The chain-smoking miserable director of Cirkus Wictoria must have been pretty suprised when all the placards for their second Örebro show in Brickebacken were missing.
Maybe we can't spell the best, but at least we don't rape innocent animals and eat their kids like these f***heads, and most other western humans...
ALF Örebro Street Team//ALFÖST"

"A new method was worked out so the McDonald's advertising towers could be seriously neutralized pretty fast. And so they were..."

"City Pizzeria got smashed window! Big expensive window!"

"The packages packed with our dead fellow earthlings were cut open in 4 different stores in a daylight action in Örebro City.
All Vegans got away."

"Örebro- Meat advertisements pulled down all over örebro. Simple things as these= less money for the killing. Even YOU can do that.
You dont have to blast SCAN (murderers) the first time... Or you can :P"

"Lucullus got a big meat commercial sticker pulled off. ÖCV"

"Örebro 15 sept: the VERY LAST fish shop in Örebro (Herrmans Fisk och Delikatesser) was targeted in a fast stink bomb attack. Stones were thrown first, then the awfully stinking bombs came. The abuse of Thomas Herrman stinks even more if possible....

He has already closed the oppression in Kumla and the old looking ugly Thomas Herrman has officially shown that he is mentally ill on TV and does not have much power left = HOPE for the fish!!


The action is dedicated to the arrested swedish activist suspected to have done some very compassionate things in Göteborg! You got billions and billions of supporters all over the earth: We, the animals love you 4 ever!


"A lot of advertisements for MAXIMUM, Swedens most notorious animal circus, known for beating up elephants and dogs and animal friends, were either destroyed or put upsidedown.


"eskilstuna: Circus ads ripped off!!!!"

"Sverigedemokraterna has been targeted a lot. Homes and so on. It's a racist party that lies and says thay they 'care about animals'. Racist liars that want nothing but stewing on our friends ribcages... We accept no oppression. Lets be VEGAN. It's the only way.
Vegan Activists"