reported by activists in Turkey:

"On 5th of september, drilling vehicles of Anadolu Group (this group is the biggest partner of McDonalds Turkey, Coca Cola Turkey) which tries to build a thermic power plant to Gerze-Sinop tried to enter Yaykil village. Local people and eco-activists barricaded the roads to village for defending their land, but police and gendarme attacked people with tear gas, pepper spray, water cannons and batons. Activists answered this attack with stones and slogans. During the police attack some buildings, barns, farms and bushes caught fire; 25 activists and 4 policemen injured.

Because of their resistance, drilling vehicles left the village. At night police took 6 activists in custody from their homes.

At night of September 6, a drilling vehicle which was waiting in a gas station near the village was burned by unknown people. The vehicle is totally destroyed. Gendarme and local police is still searching for the arsonists in Gerze.

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Animal and Earth Liberation Supporters from Turkey"