anonymous reports:

"Malai's thai take away got the words 'Fucking animal torturer' written with thick ink flowpens on their windows. Now two windows have been repaired so those two we wrote on this night. The third window is still painted in red and broken.

Malai's take away thai fick meddelandet 'JÄVLA DJURPLÅGARE' skriver på fönsterrutorna med en flowpen. Två rutor har bytts ut men den tredje är fortfarande täckt i vår röda sprejfärg och sönderslagen.

- ALF Animal liberation front - DBF Djurens befrielsefront."

"Tonight we took red 'blood' colour and threw all over the windows to Malai's take away in Sweden,Göteborg. -ALF / DBF"

"You may have read about our latest attacks against the thai food-shop/restaurant called Malai's take away in Göteborg in Sweden. We won't let this campaign end without victory so we sent a letter to the owner with information about this and we painted the shop's windows and door red again.

This ONLY stops when YOU stop selling shark fin soup.

- Animal Liberation Front / Djurens befrielsefront"