Malai - Gothenburg

reported anonymously:

"Some time after the first attacks where they got windows smashed we visited the restaurant Malai in Gothenburg, Sweden again. This time we painted in red 'blood' colour: 'DON'T SELL SHARK FIN SOUP' and 'DBF' on the only window that wasn't broken by us.

Efter våra två första attacker mot Malai thai-restaurang i Göteborg besökte vi dem igen och målade i rött 'blod' på det enda fönstret som inte hade krossats av oss: 'SÄLJ INTE HALFENSSOPPA' och 'DBF'.

And as we stated before... this has just begun. There are no limits in the fight for animals rights against animal murdering scum. Smash it, glue it, burn it, whatever you do - DO IT."