actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:

"In late february Djurens befrielsefront (ALF) took action against a butchershop that was just about to open in the middle of Örebro. DBF was sprayed at the glasswall and at the door.

The shop owner said to media that he fears that activists will run in and destroy the meat and that he therfore will laten the opening of the shop.

Here is the videoreportage from the action:

The following is what swedish television says about the actions i Örebro:

'Activists oppose businesses
Recently, a number of business owners in Örebro were victims of vandalism. Different groups of animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for the crimes. Yet almost no one has been convicted of vandalism.'

'Aktivister krossar affärer
Den senaste tiden har en rad affärsinnehavare i Örebro råkat ut för skadegörelse. Olika grupper av djurrättsaktivister har tagit på sig brotten. Men ändå döms nästan ingen för skadegörelse.'

Other actions:
February - eskilstuna; Årby pizzeria was smashed up.

February - eskilstuna: The gigantic hotdog and hamburgerhouse in fristadstorget has been severly graffitied.

Eskilstuna - American pizza today, pizza place, got there window etched

Eskilstuna - Winter: All the widows of Eslilstuna Halal was smashed out!

Örebro february: Lågprisklippet got their animal tourture commercials stolen!! fck da torture

Örebro City Vegans found and destroyed more meatcommercials. Small but easy stuff like this help the animals in several ways: economically loss for the equipment; and the abusers will find out that it ispointless to set up new commercials. Plus the people dont get tempted to eat the body parts of murdered animals!!
FOR THE ANIMALS, every day

Örebro - Date unknown: Icecreamstand near Örebro slott has been stabbed/chopped & graff'ed !

Örebro: In connection to the big winter fair Hindersmässan in Örebro an activist got caught by the police suspected for the destruction of a car belonging to a furdealer, that took place the second night of the fair. The activist was released soon after, and no punishment has been given."