Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"RMC are a huge company with hundreds of outlets in every part of the country and they think that they can weather the current storm of direct action raining down on them but if they think that this storm will blow over they couldn't be more mistaken.

Since the campaign against the new animal lab at Oxford was announced some three months ago, attacks on RMC sites causing massive economic damage have been occurring on average every two weeks.

This week saw an escalation of activity with two sites being hit.

On 22 june at Sandy in Bedford, three lorrys and two bulldozers were given the full ALF treatment, tyres, headlights, windshields, brake lines, air lines, electrics, and dashboard controls severley damaged.

Then on the 25th June at Bournemouth a blistering and ferocious attack left the place completly destoyed. for nearly three hours activists vented their fury with axes, bolt croppers and crowbars, damage to a large number of tractors, bullldozers and a crane.

All head lights and glass smashed, all electrics and air lines, oil lines cut, tyres slashed, fuel tanks, oil and transmission tanks contaminated, cab controls smashed up, approx one hundred power cables supplying site electrics were chopped through. fuse boxes and other bits of electrics smashed, fuel pumps damaged, fuel tanks spilled, all site conveyer belts slashed beyond repair. slogans painted everywhere, estimated cost £250,000

How do you like it so far RMC?"