reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office (photos: Nerikes Allehanda):

"We anounce the bird prison in stadsparken closed.
We cut open the net walls at every side of the bird prison in Stadsparken, Örebro. Every single bird escaped, and none wanted to come back!
The day after, the animal abusers released the news that they will close down this hell hole of a bird prison. They will not bring any more birds there.
This is a victory for the animals both now and for the future; THE BIRDS ARE FREE & abusers will not buy more birds, and therefore fewer will be bred for oppressive 'entertainment'.
To the abusers: if you try to imprison anymore birds - you will experience from us more than 'just' freeing those birds...
-free birds"

follow-up report:

"After the closing of the bird prison in Stadsparken, Örebro, the oppressors put up signs with lies about what happened, including hints about the birds 'non-well being'. They also were very sorry about what happened and that people no longer could wach the caged birds. What a pity. Of cource we crushed the disgusting lies.
We always win."