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Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Badgering DEFRA in South Gloucestershire

On the 18th of July 2005 the government department, DEFRA, began an 8-day badger cull, in South Gloucestershire. The cull was one of many killing-spree trials, attempting to eradicate badgers from selected areas in the UK. The pathetic 'justification' for this murder is that badgers, allegedly, spread TB in herds of dairy cows- although, the probability is that the disastrous farming practices now employed by carefree farmers is causing the problem- so how about a cull of dairy farmers?

The cull in South Gloucestershire had a huge amount of disruption. Scare tactics and attempts at guarding trapped woods- from DEFRA, farmer scum & gamekeepers- failed miserably; and the police didn't show their ugly faces once! 221 traps were put out of action, and some early morning badgering resulted in 5 badgers being released back to the wild. 1 pheasant was also liberated.

DEFRA plan to kill badgers until the end of 2006, when they will evaluate the findings of their sick experiment.

We will continue our efforts to stop them.

Animal Liberation Front"