actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:


"We fixed the shitty meat/hotdog wagon of sibylla in örebro for good. After celebrating the new year by fucking up their wagon and make it immobilized we now celebrated the summer in a funnier way, by stealing even their parking permission. Also we wrote CLOSED BY ALF.. and many other slogans like 'murder'(MORD). The rest was painted black all over. Tires got blown.
This shitwagon has been out of use for a while now - this however was the final statement;
We cannot accept this bloodsmelling torturewagon on the street ever again.
Lets save the harmless or you are THE oppressor!

"All McDonalds commercial towers were tore down at Rosta, Väster in örebro.
neutralize the threat, or ALL will die...
for life


"Venezia pizzeria was sprayed down with graffiti BIG TIME. Lets shut these assholes of animalkillers down for good
ALF with friends"

(delayed report):
"The meny of billy boy - kebab and other dead things, was splashed in a flash

(delayed report):
"We jumped the hell out of, and cracked, the wood made circus signs of the viscious torturers of MAXIMUM, swedens probably most notorious animal circus.
all usual circus signs that came in our way was of course also destroyed.
ALF E-Town"

"rondellens gatukök got thrashed
/An Onnumous"


"the commercial tower in Kumla where McDonalds 'subscribe' is on its way getting disarmed as a whole.
Animal Liberation Front Kumla"

"Sibylla is sprayed with graffiti, and poster with animal oppression pics is set up"

"A big home-made sticker with vegan message was put at the old fishshop- reminding everyone about the truth.