actions reported to the DBF/ALF Press Office, Örebro:

"The birdprison where several birds were liberated this summer was revisited by activists. Lovely slogans where painted everywhere. We will not let anymore innocent birds be kept in this little prison. Be sure!
/Djurens Befrielsefront, ALF"

"Another action against McDonalds in Örebro City: A looooooooong black line were tagged all along the wall of McMurder.
/Ö C V"

"Jensen Böffhouse, the smelly steakhouse was repainted. The catchy slogan 'Den enes böff... (den andres död)' was painted. means ones beef, anothers death. Murder was also sprayed all over, and there logos got X:ed up.

"McDonalds was visited and 20-30 'kött är mord' (meat is murder) stickers was put up at the entrance and glass walls."