received anonymously:

"10 kms of interstate highway staked out for extension were sabotaged last week in Northern Ukraine.

Although some could argue that activism like this is not even worth mentioning (that's our own attitude on the matter, for example, like shoplifting or stensils), we do find it necessary to mention the act.

First reason is an important notice that usually fails to make its way into minds of some of our comrades. While it is important to respond to System offensive actions (like reactive attacks that took place in Kharkov and Saint-Petersburgh and Moscow and basically everywhere, where eco-anarchists RESPOND to raping of Nature), we find it more important to continue our attacks on technology and its means of destruction of nature even when no concrete offense is taking place.
In our case we just happened upon some old highway extension project, which, like many costly projects in Ukraine, was suspended because of awful economy of the country. Mother-Nature has already started reclaiming the area, with grass and dirt covering plates of concrete and some survey stakes.

But its obvious for everyone living in here that projects like this (interstate highway between Moscow and Kiev) will be put to life, for example as soon as next billion of dollars gets send by IMF or something.
So our small vagabond group of earth liberationists went to vandalism as soon as survey stakes were noticed. Just to help the Wild and hasten the process. We do believe the task was worth it.

And the reason for this is the thing that's often lost in communiques of our comrades world-wide. Its the most wonderful and magical feeling of communion with nature. When one does not only feels invigorated and excited because of his deeds, but something extraordinary happens, that gives hope and provides the momentum necessary for continuation of our project.

During the process of (tiresome and dangerous 'cause of police intervention) joyful destruction, our hungry and thirsty band (reasons for our thirst and hunger being banal travel from point A to point B) kept stumbling upon bountiful bushes of wild sweetbriar, so that we managed to fill ourselves and eat/suck the juices to our delight.
It is in moments like this that one gets to really appreciate the connection that comes into being when one turns away from civilization and towards untamed Wild.

- International ELF/FAI"