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Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"DEFRA VS ALF- 4 Badgers liberated- Over 320 traps destroyed

The government department, DEFRA (formerly MAFF), were busy in West Cornwall from June 13th 2005, as they began killing badgers. Needless to say we were even busier!

During the 8 days trapping, 4 badgers were saved from death before DEFRA could shoot them. Over 250 traps were chopped up or flattened.

On the 25th of July DEFRA began another cull around Exmoor, were many badger sets seem to have been recentlly killed of, despite being well looked after during DEFRA culls. It seems the farmers are doing DEFRA's job for them.

The Avon & Somerset Constabulary ignored the plight of the badger (a protected species?!) and saw fit to giving us the run around during the Exmoor cull, but no arrests were made. Over 70 traps were destroyed, and some fun was had by setting off the alarms of DEFRA vehicles at 4am as the scumbag workers slept at the Anchor Inn, in Exebridge.

We will always win.

Animal Liberation Front"