actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:

"We saw the oppression caused at Svartån in Örebro by the fishermen- yes only men(!), and felt like we always do- something should be done.
For a change we stopped to free seven fish and about 10 worms. One of us took the time to talk a bit with the fat sappy oldster. -'what are you doing, do you know that fish are plagued by suffocation on land', and so on.

That gave him the time he so badly needed to wake up from his dead state of mind. After maybe a minute we grabbed his bucket to let the fish into the water, but surprisingly quick he caught the edge of it. 4 of 7 fish got out in the water, we managed to take the last 3 from the bridges dry wood. The same moment we swept the worms out into the high grass. The next second we moved to our bikes.

On the way one of us turned around to see him running after with a pulled knife and an angry face. He looked too weak to hurt us and we were not there to fight -but to free, so we did not even touch the saggy man, no violence committed by us.

And now we know; never talk to a fisherman- just liberate the helpless beings and disarm their weapons!

To you fish killers: this was just the warm up :)

For a drugfree, queer, vegan, feminist world of eco-anarchist justice and total liberation!
Friends For Life"