New Zealand Open Rescue news release (click here to watch a video about the campaign against pig factory farming in New Zealand; the video includes footage from pig farms in the country and the recent rescue of two piglets):

The Open Rescue team has saved two piglets from a typical New Zealand pig farm. These piglets will now never have to endure the legalised confinement and deprivation that their mothers still endure. They will never feel the restriction of metal bars or be treated like production machines.

Instead they are now free to run through the grass, to play in hay and to dig in the earth - expressing all the natural behaviours that are denied to hundreds of thousands of pigs imprisoned on factory farms across New Zealand.

Open Rescuer John Darroch describes his part in the rescue: “Here were beautiful intelligent animals destined to a life of misery and suffering. I had seen the conditions these pigs would have been kept in and knew I had to do something to help them".

“For these two animals our rescue means the difference between a life of misery and a meaningful existence. I’m sure I will carry many of the things I saw for the rest of my life” says John.

NZ Open Rescue has saved several piglets from intensive pig farms over the last few years starting with a Mother’s Day rescue in 2008. We will continue to save animals from these ‘farms’, which are more like living nightmares, as long as legislation continues to fail these beautiful and intelligent creatures.